Clothes Donation- Children and Poor people getting clothes

first step of clothes donation

Carpet Culture Org always tries to help the people. Helping is the first goal of this organization. Keeping that in view, we have started donating clothes to the poor people who are needy.

The donation first started in Nepal. After the earth quake at Nepal, Mr. Javaid sent a big donation personally. Even though that time, this organization was just a plan, but not established. That time he sent people Nepal to help out the helpless people over there with foods, dresses, medicine and all other necessary things. Carpet Culture, always import rugs from Nepal. So, he thought it’s his duty to help them and to stand for them.

Cloth Donation2 Cloth Donation1

Later, he started cloth donation to the poor people in India, from where most of the Carpet Culture’s new rugs are being made. Children gets new dresses on every occasion, and when they get to new class.

We understand that new clothes can provide a great deal of relief. We want to bring back the smile of joy to their faces. 🙂